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A brief explanation of the insurance of car rental companies in the United States of America


In the beginning, there are basic types of insurance during your travel and cover car accidents or any damages, and these types of insurance are taken by the traveler without knowing that he carries insurance !!

Some examples are as follows:

 Travel insurance:

What some call medical insurance is insurance that includes air accidents, flight delays and loss of luggage, not just medical insurance, and it has many advantages that differ from company to company.

credit card :

The credit card provides you with travel insurance, and as long as you used it to pay the car rental company, there is an insurance clause that applies to the process according to the agreement, which is for the credit card company to compensate you, whether it is a Visa, Master Card or American Express.

Also, all car companies give you a car with basic insurance combined with the rent value that you pay and all that we pay to them is called comprehensive insurance and others. These are additional types of insurance and they are very many and all are additional.

All car companies insure their car, and even if we assume that you have not taken insurance, the company will not obligate you to pay the full value of the car in the event of complete damage, because it basically has insurance.

When an amount is blocked from your credit card, it is considered insurance, but it is refundable in case you return it

The car is intact, and in the event of damage, the amount of damage is deducted only, and in case the damage is significant, you will not pay more than what you previously paid, and this is the maximum amount you bear.

Comprehensive insurance is an amount that you pay is not refundable, and its value is usually less than the regular insurance, but the difference is that the regular insurance is refundable and the comprehensive insurance is never refundable.

An example of the most types of insurance:

I rented a car from a company, then an amount of 800 euros was seized from your card upon your arrival, and this amount is a deposit or a mortgage, and when you return the car intact, the amount is returned.

If any damage occurs, the value of repairing the damage will be deducted from the amount that you mortgaged to them, which is 800 euros. Assuming that the car was completely damaged, you will never pay more than 800 euros, and this is the maximum amount you incur.

full insurance :

Compared to the above prices, the value of the comprehensive insurance may reach 200 euros for the entire period, but it is never refundable, and you will not pay more than 200 euros when the car is completely damaged, which is the amount you paid in the base, and when you take this type of insurance it is assumed that an amount of The car is only in the case of extending the rent only, and you are also assumed not to inspect the car and never look for any scratches because the amount you paid will never be returned, and even if any problem occurs, you paid and it is over.

Supplementary Warranty:

This insurance is considered insurance on the amount of your insurance that you pay when it reaches the rental company or the amount reserved from your card (meaning insurance on insurance) and when any accident or damage occurs and it is deducted from you by the rental company, the rental car will compensate you with an amount equal to what was deducted and It is wrong to take this type of insurance from a rental car and then take a comprehensive insurance from the rental company. There is no need for that except for an increase in your expenses, and this insurance only helps you with regular insurance.


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