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American International Group “AIG” is at the forefront of the top 10 insurance companies in the world


A look at the ten largest insurance companies in the world in terms of their market value, and like that looking at the largest banks and banking groups in terms of their total assets reveals the geographical position of the movement of money and its concentration. In the United States of America alone, there are three of the largest insurance companies in the world in terms of market value. But it has only four large banks.

The three largest insurance companies

As Forbes magazine tells us, the American International Group (AIG), which is based in the United States of America, is the largest insurance company in the world with a market value of $ 172.240 billion, and through its long history of work in this sector, the company organizes insurance operations in the markets of more than 130 countries and donates In the portfolio of property and life insurance, in addition, this company provides retirement services, financial services, and asset management all over the world. AIG joint stock is listed on the New York exchange, further as on exchanges in Tokyo and Paris.. While the French company AXA comes second in terms of market value of $ 66012 billion, and for more than twenty years the company has pursued an external growth strategy by unifying the existing activities of AXA with the acquisition of a 50% stake in Oyak, the Turkish insurance company, then with pledges of $ 525 million, as well as Penetration into potentially high growth markets. With 100% acquisition of ING Seguros, the Mexican insurer, equivalent to $ 1.5 billion, today AXA is present in a diversified market with total operations concentrated in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The third largest global insurance company is the German company Allianz, with a market value of $ 65.55 billion, and the company is one of the largest companies providing integrated financial services with a workforce of 155,000 employees around the world, and the Allianz Group serves about 75 million clients in 70 countries.

Manulife, then General, then Al-Hudayfah

The Canadian Manulife Company ranks fourth, with a market value of $ 50.52 billion, and its services cover millions of customers in 22 countries, and the company donates financial protection and wealth management of products or services individually or collectively in Canada, the United States and Asia. These products and services include individual and group life insurance, as well as health insurance, long-term care services, retirement products, pensions and investment funds, and banking products. The company also provides reinsurance services, and highlights the company’s specialization in life insurance, reinsurance, property and accident insurance and providing investment management services. It is followed by the Italian company Generali as the fifth largest insurance company in the world with a market value of $ 45.45 billion, and in recent years the company has made a great return to the insurance market in Eastern European countries. The company has also established offices in the main markets of Far East countries, including China and India. Al-Husayfah Company in the United States of America is the sixth largest insurance company, with a market value of $ 39.7 billion. The company is considered a leader in providing financial services, and the company manages assets amounting to 580 billion dollars, and has operations in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The company seems to be more specialized in life insurance portfolios and the company provides its services to nearly 50 million individual and institutional clients.

Finally, Metlif, Aviva and Munich Re

In the seventh place comes the American company MetLife with a market value of $ 37.74 billion, and the company provides many insurance products to its individual and institutional clients within the United States and abroad. It also directly manages insurance operations in the Asia Pacific, Latin America and European markets. Then comes the English company Aviva, with a market value of $ 33.10 billion, and the company specializes more in life insurance and pension products in Europe. It also focuses mostly on fund management and general insurance in Asia Pacific countries and the United States. We also have the German Munich Re Group, with a market value of $ 30.99 billion, in the ninth rank in the world, and the company’s activity covers the entire value chain in the field of insurance and reinsurance, and finally the Dutch Aegon company with a market value of $ 26.4 billion. Perhaps the most prominent insurance portfolio in which the company is active is insurance on Life, pension insurance and other long-term savings and investment products for millions of customers, the company has large operations in the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. As well as alternative firms in Asia, North and South America et al in Europe.


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