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Health insurance requirements in America


Health insurance is an item that must be taken into consideration while traveling to the United States of America for the purpose of study, as you believe in this aspect of your health care there, and you avoid paying huge sums in exchange for appropriate health care, so in many cases you may have to pay $ 100 Or more just for one routine visit to the doctor, what are the types of health insurance in America, and what are its requirements and ways to cover it, this is what we will deal with in the next lines.

Health insurance requirements needed to obtain an American visa

America F1 visa is the visa for international students studying in the United States of America, and since they need medical insurance that avoids them paying huge sums of money in relation to health care, they can obtain it optionally as this type of visa does not require commitment to the health insurance system in America, Rather, they are required to join the health care systems of the university or educational institution in which they will join, or companies licensed in this field that allow participation in medical insurance systems, as is the case with the M1 visa, for foreign students enrolled in technical and professional programs.

As for the American J1 visa, for persons or researchers participating in training or exchange programs, they are required to participate in a medical insurance plan for the duration of the program, and they must make insurance arrangements before leaving their country of origin.

Methods of health insurance coverage

The United States of America does not provide comprehensive health care. Rather, most health insurance plans are offered through private companies, so what types of health insurance are covered?

Compulsory group insurance scheme under the auspices of the university

It is a medical insurance plan in which the student is not allowed to waive it, but is required to purchase group insurance from the university, with a predetermined value, and in some universities, health insurance fees are automatically added to the tuition fees, although the cost of this type of insurance is higher than the cost of individual insurance. However, it has the advantage of being more comprehensive in terms of covering various areas of health care.

Compulsory insurance plan with waiver

As for the compulsory insurance law, in which a waiver is allowed, it is one of the types of health insurance offered by some American universities, where the option of exemption from participation in this plan is available, provided that there is proof of the purchase of another similar external medical insurance plan, and in this case the insurance law requires the signature The student and the insurance company involved in it on a university’s “waiver form”.

There is no mandatory insurance plan

The student may not subscribe to a university health insurance plan, and he does not have health insurance requirements, and in this case the options for subscribing to an insurance plan appropriate to his needs and budget are available, provided that he takes into account the following items:

– That the insurance law that was subscribed covers the largest number of health care requirements.

– Knowing the areas that are not covered in health insurance.

– Ensure that the health insurance plan is purchased from a licensed company that has an outstanding reputation and reputation.

In conclusion, it is necessary for any student who decides to complete an academic stage in the United States of America to adhere to a health insurance system that covers the largest number of areas of health care, in order to receive appropriate treatment in a timely manner, and to avoid paying expensive costs in the event of being exposed to any emergency, God forbid.


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