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Property insurance: against all risks


This policy provides comprehensive and integrated coverage for industrial units or commercial property against all dangers (including emergency damages) except for what is specifically excluded under the policy. There are two types of coverage:

01- Incidental damage insurance policy mainly related to commercial property.

02- Industrial property insurance policy “against all risks” mainly related to industrial units.

Naturally, both documents specifically exclude consequential losses.

This is an insurance policy against all risks that result in damage to the property of the insured other than what has been specifically excluded. And a typical fire insurance policy covers the dangers of theft, accidental damage, and glass breaking.

Property insurance: against fire and additional perils

This policy compensates the insured for material damage to his property that may result from multiple dangers such as fire, lightning strikes, explosion or collapse, collision damage, aircraft collision, overflowing water tanks, bursting pipes or installations, water leakage from fire sprinklers, storms, cyclones Tropical or tropical cyclones, floods, flooding, riots, strike, intentional damage, earthquakes, looting, theft using violence or force during entry or exit from secured places.

This policy covers the insured against the dangers of fire and named hazards such as flooding and natural disasters. This type of document can be more controlled when generating a risk.

Public liability insurance towards others

This policy compensates for the value of the legal liability that the insured is responsible for paying according to a law to others (the third party) resulting from his death or accidental bodily injury to others, as well as any loss or damage to the property of others that arises in the course of the insured performance of his work or profession.

This policy covers spatial liability for bodily injury, death, and property damage to others, in addition to covering liability for proper loading and unloading of carriers.

Marine insurance – goods

This type of insurance covers the loss or damage to which the goods are exposed during sea, air or land transport, whether within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or those goods intended for export or import to and from Saudi Arabia, or both. The cooperative provides cargo insurance either on the basis of “all risks” or specific and named perils coverage. Insurance is done either under the open policy or the single trip policy.

Marine insurance (hulls)

Marine hull insurance provides insurance coverage for ships and their machinery, and compensates for loss or damage to ships as a result of sea hazards such as bad weather, collision and drowning.

Cargo insurance during transportation

The policy covers the loss or damage to which the goods are exposed during their carrying and transport by a company specialized in transporting the goods that may result from fire, lightning strikes, explosion, collision, overturning of the transport vehicle, its deviation, collapse of bridges, or any similar accidents that the transport vehicle may suffer. Therefore, this document is suitable for freight transport companies to cover their legal responsibilities towards their customers resulting from loss or damage to customers’ goods.

The insurance coverage starts from the time the vehicle carrying the property of the insured leaves the loading site and continues until it reaches the specified destination.

Aircraft insurance

The company agrees to insure against loss, damage or liability arising from accidents that occur during the insurance period in the manner and extent indicated in the policy, as follows:

01- Loss or damage to the aircraft.

02- Legal liability towards others.

03- Legal liability towards passengers.

Securing flight structures and responsibilities

This policy provides coverage for all risks to the insured aircraft as well as the legal liability of the insured relating to accidental bodily injury or death to the third party and the passengers as well as the accidental damage that may be caused to their property as a result of using this aircraft.

Securing aviation structures against war and associated dangers

This policy covers loss or damage to insured aircraft resulting from the dangers of war and associated dangers, including the risk of hijacking.

Insurance for losing the airman’s license

The company agrees to provide insurance coverage against losses arising from:

01- Permanent total disability.

02- Temporary total disability.

Airport contractors liability insurance

The policy covers the primary insured in respect of legal liability towards the third party that may result from the insured’s execution or operation of flight operations.

Travel (business) insurance

This document is designed to provide travelers comprehensive protection against the dangers of travel. It covers the insured while traveling abroad against loss or damage resulting from the cancellation of the trip, shortening its duration, missing departure time, emergency medical expenses, personal accidents, loss of luggage or late arrival of luggage.

The limits of coverage for emergency medical expenses for the travel insurance policy reach 3 million riyals per person, and the insured receives medical assistance around the world around the clock by the international service provider approved by the cooperative (UHC Global) who provides his services in relation to any claim.

Money insurance

This policy covers loss of cash, including (banknotes, money orders, checks, bonds, postage, and the units in force in postal clearance machines that are in the ownership of the insured or in his custody):

01- During transportation.

02- While they are in the places belonging to the insured specified in the policy schedule.

03- While she is at the residence of the employer or any manager or employee working for the insured.

This insurance also offers the following expansions:

-Personal injury (assault).

-Loss or damage to the employee’s clothing and personal belongings.

-Loss or damage to safes.

Theft insurance

This insurance provides coverage against loss or damage to inventory, furniture, fixtures, accessories, and all other content in your store or business. The insurance is against theft accompanied by violence during entry or exit from the work site. Therefore, the coverage can be expanded to include damage to the workplace as a result of theft.

Professional liability insurance

Professionals are among the categories that have high technical and technical expertise in their field of work or profession, so they must take special care when offering their services to clients. However, human error cannot be avoided at all times, as omission or error is one of the matters that we may be exposed to in many cases as a result of unintentional default or negligence, but in the end it leads to the establishment of a claim against those who practice these professions or trades as a result of their causing their clients to incur material losses.

Work injury insurance

Work-related accidents are part of any commercial or industrial activity, especially when that activity involves manual labor. Under the Saudi Labor Law, every employer is responsible for paying compensation to his employees upon death or exposure to injury, illness or disability as a result of work accidents that occur.

The law determines the amount of compensation to be paid in each case due to compensation, for example as in cases of death or disability.

This document protects your business against all these responsibilities towards your users through two main benefits:

01- Covering the benefits payable under the Saudi Labor Law or the provisions of Islamic law.

20 – The benefits payable under the Saudi Labor Law and Workers and / or the provisions of Islamic Sharia in excess or more than the compensation available within the framework of the benefits established under the General Organization for Social Insurance.

Money crime insurance

This document provides insurance protection for the insured against loss of money, bonds or other property resulting from any fraudulent act or breach of trust carried out by an employee. The document covers any act of dishonesty that a person undertakes, either alone or in cooperation with others, and acts of dishonesty must be committed with the aim of causing harm or loss to the insured or for the purpose of obtaining a financial benefit for the perpetrators or others.

Contractors’ all risks insurance

The Contractor’s Document “Against All Risks” is specially designed for civil engineering projects such as building construction, bridge construction, road works, etc. It provides comprehensive protection for the interests of contractors and project owners, as well as subcontractors, against all risks that they may be exposed to, except for what is specifically excluded from coverage.

This document may be issued jointly in the name of both the contracting contractor and the employer in order to comply with the insurance requirements of the contract.


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